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Modern Cannabis Care

For thousands of years, our ancestors have turned to cannabis and its therapeutic benefits to heal a multitude of health & wellness conditions.

Today, the professionals at Apothecare take a closer look at modern research and the body of the evolving scientific evidence available to guide you on how cannabis could complement traditional therapies.

For Consumers

Our team of expert pharmacists offer easy to understand information to help you navigate the world of cannabis.

For Healthcare Professionals

We provide services for healthcare professionals, through our unique & tailored Cannabis Care Program.

Information System

Cannabis Pyramid

Apothecare focuses on data-driven, evidenced-based medicine and cannabis therapeutics. Our team has created an easy to understand system of organizing the level of clinical evidence for cannabis use.

Medical conditions that have an abundance of cannabis research are placed higher up on the pyramid. In contrast, conditions that have little to no research, relying more on anecdotal information, will be lower on the pyramid. The conditions on the lowest part of the pyramid will have the least reliable recommendations since there is less data to justify cannabis use.