Cannabis Care Program

Healthcare Professionals

Apothecare has developed the Cannabis Care Program (CCP), a digital education program designed to train healthcare professionals to be experts in cannabis therapeutics and pharmacogenetics. Our platform gives healthcare professionals the tools and support to integrate personalized cannabis consultations into their practice.

Features of the Platform

Cannabis Care Program

Fresh Content
The CCP is regularly updated with the addition of new modules to reflect new literature being published.
Treatment Algorithms

CCP contains Apothecare’s treatment algorithms developed to help practitioners identify when cannabis may be appropriate to initiate.

Community Forums

An online community and forum where members can post cannabis case questions and discuss solutions. Our expert pharmacists offer support for any questions.

Pharmacogenomic Information
Pharmacogenomic modules co-developed with Inagene Diagnostics to teach healthcare providers how to assess pharmacogenetic results.
Patient Cases

In-house patient cases designed to help you apply cannabis and pharmacogenomic knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Simplified Clinical Guides

The CCP contains easy to use worksheets that help clinicians workup patients and provide cannabis recommendations.

The Cannabis Care Program contains 7 modules reviewing cannabis and pharmacogenetics totalling to approximately 10 hours of educational content. These modules include:

Cannabis Essentials

Reviewing fundamental principles such as cannabis dosage forms, routes of administration, side effects, interactions, special populations, pharmacokinetics and contraindications of cannabis use.


Reviewing some of the more common indications for topical cannabis products and the evidence behind them.


Reviewing what terpenes are and the evidence behind their medicinal effects in cannabis.

Cannabis Algorithms

Apothecare has developed clinical algorithms for some of the most common indications needing cannabis therapy. These algorithms help identify when cannabis may be appropriate to initiate and clinical pearls to help healthcare providers select cannabis products.

Pharmacogenomic Essentials

A set of 3 modules co-developed with Inagene Diagnostics to provide healthcare professionals the education they need regarding pharmacogenomic testing and how to integrate testing into their practice.

Cannabis Case Studies

This module contains multiple case studies with an accompanied workup to help healthcare professionals apply the knowledge gained in the other modules to real world situations.

Simplified Clinical Guides

Apothecare has developed clinical guides and worksheets to help healthcare professionals easily integrate cannabis assessments into their daily practice.

For Healthcare Professionals

Are you interested in adding cannabis into your practice but don’t know where to start? Join the Apothecare Professional’s Cannabis Community to learn more. Key benefits:

Providing you the tools to add cannabis and pharmacogenetic consultations to your practice

This added value will draw new patients to your practice seeking your cannabis expertise. Pharmacists will have increased ability to maximize their professional practice via billable services like Medschecks, pharmaceutical opinions and follow-ups.

Joining the Apothecare Professional’s Community

This connects you with other like minded healthcare professionals with expertise in cannabis and personalized medicine.

Access to the Apothecare discussion forums

This allows members to post questions and receive feedback from our Apothecare experts. The Apothecare forum and community allows you to develop your cannabis expertise in a collaborative space experience.